Puerto Escondido Beach

As soon as the tourist ride down short slope, between the branches he can enjoy a amazing view one of this, you can watch for eternity. From here the visitor spot a beautiful beach, which create almost perfect semicircle bay.

Its sand is like a orange color and is completely clean and smoothed by the gentle waves of the Pacific. The integrity of the smoothed sand is interrupted only by a white shell scattered throughout its surface and your own footprints in the sand. The beach is surrounded by green tropical trees which offered enough shade and protect the visitors against the strong sunshine. There are many mature trees with trunks and branches strong enough to hang a hammock and relax, read a book or my favorite performance a nap.

At one extreme of the beach there is the small rock which closed this end. This part of the beach is not sandy but is formed by small rounded stones and if you have a mask this is the right place for snorkeling and watching the different species of the pacific ocean fishes. This beach is completely unspoilt and little visited, it is an ideal place for a weekend escape. To enjoy it at full or do not to provide basic survival supplements such as sunscreen, water, ceviche, beer, Frisbee, diving mask, a hammock and good humor.

Como Llegar

The first stage, the easier one, it is arrive to Pedasi, a village in the province of Los Santos, which is about 5 hours from Panama City. Leave the city by the Americas Bridge and follow the Interamerican Highway, passing the towns Penonomé (151 km), Agua Dulce (197 km) as far as you reach Divisa (215 km).In the Divisa, almost at the beginning of the city you have to take the road to Chitre crossing a the bridge, over the Interamerican motorway. In Chitre (251 km) take the road to Los Santos (256 km) and go on the main road to Las Tablas (285).When you will drive in the city continue straight ahead along the main avenue to the central plaza, which will be on your right side. Just after the central square turns to the left and continue straight ahead to Pedasi. Here in Pedasi starting the second stage, shorter one (40 minutes) but most dificult. When you arrive to Pedasí, pass thru and ride straight ahead about 3.1 km to the village El Limon. Here at the first crossroads turn to the left and follow 800 meters until you reach a fork. Take the right and follow the dirt road another 6 kilometers until on your left side you will see the entrance to the hotel Los Destiladeros. Shortly after you turn right and follow straight 2 km to the a small crossroads with a house, here turn left and follow the road which descend to the beach. To find the right direction from Los Destiladeros follow indicators to the hotel Villa Romana (from the hotel entrance missing 1 km to the beach). And there is another thing that can help you, from Los Destiladeros the road follow up the coast all the time. The beach is located only 12 kilometers from the Pedasi town. To get to Pedasi just take some public transport in Albrook Terminal, the route Panama - Las Tablas – Pedasi. Override the distance of 330 kilometers by bus takes about 5 hours. Puerto Escondido Beach is approximately 12 kilometers from Pedasi and you need to take a taxi. Another option would be to mount the bike, but I'm not sure if in the town is possible to rent some.

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