Monagre Beach

It is one of the three beaches in the district of Villa de Los Santos and it is located approximately 15 kilometers from La Villa de Los Santos. The beach is completely flat with black sand. The beach is really large and if you like it you can walk about 3 kilometers to the next beach El Rompío. The bottom of the sea is shallow, descends gently. The beach is generally safe for families with children.

The beach has no shadow and no it is not possible to rent an umbrella or gazebo, then do not forget to bring his own umbrella. Sometimes on weekends the beach can be filled with people with stereo, quad (ATV) and watercraft (Jet Ski), but you can always walk from little bit far away from the beach entrance to find a quiet place. In the beach there is a seafood restaurant with excellent prices. Another positive is that the access road is in perfect condition.

Como Llegar

To visit the beach Monagre you must first arrive to Villa de Los Santos. From Panama City take the Panamerican Highway towards the interior. On the way pass through the cities Penonome (151 km), Agua Dulce (197 km) and when reach Divisa (215 km) turn left towards Chitre (251 km). From Chitre you have to find the road to the Villa de Los Santos (256 km) and continue by the main road direction Las Tablas. The entrance to the beach is aproxidanamente 6 kilometers from the bridge at Las Villas de Los Santos and is marked by a sign with name of the beach. Here turn right and after another six kilometers you will find an intersection like a "Y". Take the left and go 2 km more to reach the beach. To travel by the bus you can do it with visiting the Great Transport Terminal in Panama City and take a bus to Chitre. Buses are modern with air conditioning and travel time is about 4 hours. The City of Chitre in Herrera Province has a transport terminal and from here you can take a small bus to the Monagre.

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