El Arenal Beach

El Arenal beach is localized very closed to the Pedasi village and it is easy to rich by the asphalted road in a good shape.

This beautiful white sand beach is one of the three beaches which decorated the coast of Pedasi. Its name is due to the enormous quantity of the white and fine send which is characteristic for the scenery.

The mar is usually calm and its bottom is sandy and shell. It is create ideal conditions for bathing, water sports and swimming. The beach is very extensive and large good enough for walking by the coast.

If you intend to visit El Arenal you have to take everything what you will need, because beach do not have any tourist facilities and also there are not any shadow to protect against the sunshine. If you want eat of drink something you have to go back to Pedasi. There you can find several restaurant, where you can try some local plate.

In the front of the beach there is the Iguana Island, protected area with the largest coral reef in the Panama Gulf. In the beach you can rent a boat, which can take you to the island.

Como Llegar

You need to drive about five hours to reach Pedasi. From Panama City you have to cross The bridge of the Americas and continue straight ahead along the Panamerican Highway. On the way pass through the cities Penonome (151 km), Agua Dulce (197 km) and when reach Divisa (215 km) turn left towards Chitre (251 km). From Chitre continue to Las Tablas (285 km), here just after the central square turns to the left and go straight until you reach Pedasí (330 km). Very near the entrance of the village, before the gas station make a left turn (there is a sign indicating the direction towards the beach) and go straight approximately 3 kilometers along the paved road in good shape until you reach El Arenal beach. The beach is located only 3 kilometers from the village of Pedasi. To reach this point you just have to take a bus from Albrook Terminal route Panama - Las Tablas - Pedasi. From Pedasi you can walk about an hour to get to the beach (I don´t think so) or take a taxi and drive 5 minutes.

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