El Toro Beach

There are a lot of fine beaches in this region and for the Pedasi visitors one of the favorite is El Toro thanks to its beautiful scenery and its proximity to the town. In the last years this beach become more popular and known within the tourists visiting Panama. The beach is located on the west coast of the Azuero Peninsula only 2.5 kilometers from Pedasi.

The beach has about 2 kilometers of coastline covered with yellow and orange sand. It is surrounded with a low sand ridge completely dry and almost without any vegetation. One end of the beach is closed with a rock step, but the other side is open and you give a pretty long walk as far as to reach the beach El Arenal. The bottom of the sea is flat and sandy, only in some places there large stones sticking out. The beach has good swimming conditions and the fine sand attract to sunbathing.

Unfortunately there is not any palms or trees where you can rest in the shade, so you have to carry an umbrella one kilogram of sunblock cream and plenty of water or other beverage. There is no restaurant in the beach, but the Pedasi city is pretty close and there you can buy everything what you need.

Como Llegar

If you want to visit El Toro beach from the Panama City, be prepare to drive about 5 hours. Leave the city by the Americas Bridge and follow the Interamerican Highway, passing the towns Penonomé (151 km), Agua Dulce (197 km) as far as you reach Divisa (215 km).In the Divisa, almost at the beginning of the city you have to take the road to Chitre crossing a the bridge, over the Interamerican motorway. In Chitre (251 km) take the road to Los Santos (256 km) and go on the main road to Las Tablas (285).When you will drive in the city continue straight ahead along the main avenue to the central plaza, which will be on your right side. Just after the central square turns to the left and continue straight ahead to Pedasi. In Pedasi you will be almost there, just have to turn out from the main road to the left to reach the central square with the church. From the square go straight on the road, during the way the road will change to dirty road. After one kilometer you will come to a crossroads "Y." Take a left one and continue on this dirty road one kilometer more and that it´s. The beach is located only 2.5 miles from the Pedasi town. To get to Pedasi just take some public transport in Albrook Terminal, the route Panama - Las Tablas – Pedasi. Override the distance of 330 kilometers by bus takes about 5 hours. From Pedasi you can walk about 40 minutes to get to the beach (I do not believe it) or take a taxi to go there (it is more likely).

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