La Vieja Hill

In this article we will together climb up one of the hills of Cordillera Central located in Cocle Province, 404 meters hight Cerro La Vieja . The trail to the top begins near the beautiful Eco Lodge Cerro La Vieja.

When you leave the hotel, walk about 100 meters to the left along the road, until you reach the extreme of the resort. There is a bus stop, turn right and take a path which follow the border of the resort. Soon on the left side, you will see cottage on the lakeside. From here you will continue along the same path and after another 600 meters the path will cross a dirty road and enters to the thick forest. In this place the walk start be little bit more difficult, from here the trail climbs and climbs and climbs all the way … The trail is narrow for a single person only and hidden in the forest under the canopy. Some parts are rocky and steep so mountain boots help you overcome the difficult sections. After 45 minutes of walking, depending on the effort you will reach the summit.

There is a small clearing at the summit without trees, where you can enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the area. You can also take a rest and sit down on a small wooden bench which is very convenient placed in the highest point of the hill. From the top you will come back down by the same trail. The complete trip can take about 2 hours depending on your condition. I strongly recommend you to take a bottle with water, I can swear that on the top you will be damn thirsty. Well another advice: after the returning from the hike you can celebrate the mission completed on the terrace of the Eco Lodge Cerro La Vieje with an exquisite orange juice or a cold beer depends on your taste.

Como Llegar

By car The Cerro La Vieja Cocle is located in the Cocle Province, not so far from the Penenomé city. From Panama City you have to drive about 170 kilometers (three hours). Take the Interamerican Highway and ride to Penonomé (150km). On the road you will pass throght Arraiján (17km), La Chorrera (35 km), Capira (53 km), Chame (77 km) and San Carlos (92 km). When you get to Penonome (150 km) follow straight on as far as you catch sight of a big Y-shaped intersection. There the Interamerican Highway gently turns to the left, but you have to go straight like to the city center and at the first intersection (200 m) turn right and then again right to take the road to Sonadora. Pass through the Churuquita Chiquita village as far as you reach a T-shaped intersection (163 km), here take the left road, cross the bridge over Zartí river (great place to take a bath) and follow the road through in the direction of Chiguiri Arriba, going throught Chiriguita Grande (166 km) and Caimito (168 km) as far as to find the Posada Cerro La Vieja (172 km), the place where start our small hike. By bus From Albrook Bus Passenger Terminal leave every time the buses to Penonomé. From Penonomé you have to take a small bus to Chiguiri Arriba and tell the driver to stop front the hotel Cerro La Vieja. From Penenome it is close, just 20 kilometers. But I have no idea when and how often depart the small buses from Penonomé

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