Chorro Las Lajas

The Pacific coast of Panama province is known above all for its beautiful beaches but only few people know, that just few kilometers from the famous Coronado Beach is river Lajas with a well-hidden natural pool. This place can be interesting alternative for those people which like to pass their free time on the beach to take a rest and swim. They can try to visit the Chorro Las Lajas and pass a nice time on the bank of this small river.

When you for first time come down to the the river you will be disappointed because you will see only the the rocks and almost any water. But if you walk a little bite further down the river you will reaches the rock edge and from there you can spot the natural pool you are looking for. You have to step down the huge rock step end here you are.

This place is an ideal bathing spot. Normally if the sun is shining the water is clear but after a heavy rain can take the chocolate color. The important thing is that water is clean without contamination which confirm the river prawns you can observe in the shallow. The natural pool is completely separated from the outside world by the massive walls of solid rock. There is a small sandy beach with a comfortable entry to the water and in the river there are several rocks which look as a banks, there you can sit and have a good time. On the top of it this picturesque place has a waterfall of 12 meters of height which gives a romantic touch to this point. Here the river is deep good enough for swimming and here is where the locals guys jump to the water from the rocky steps.

If you want to visit this place you have to take all things, food and drinks with you. When come the end of the day, don´t forget to collect all rubbish, so also the other visitors can enjoy the shade of trees, the waterfall and the refreshing water from the clean beach.

Como Llegar

To go to the Chorro Las Lajas by car you have to take the Panamerican Highway as far as to arrive Las Lajas village(88 km) in the district of Chame. (It is the turning before the Coronado) Here turn right (entrance is before Rey Coronado, after a pedestrians bridge and across Accel Gas Station). Follow this road straight ahead for a 2.2 km until you reach a baseball field which you can see in yours right hand. Just here turn left (there is also a small a bus station) and follow about 500 meters to the end of the road. There you can leave your car (park like wise man to don't obstruct) and walk by the well-marked path and after few minutes you will spot the river, go another 100 meters down and you rich the trip destination. Buses leave from the Albrook Terminal, take some one which go to the interior and get out in Las Lajas (Coronado). From there start the small buses to the community La Laguna. But you can also walk, the river is only about 2.5 kilometers from the Interamerican highway. To find the way to the river, please look at the description above.

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