Tavida Waterfall

Cascada Tavida or stream El Tavida is a waterfall 32 meters high with a spectacular natural pool with refreshing and clear water. El Tavida is located in the mountainous region of Cocle province about 30 kilometers from the Penonomé city. The area offers a fresh green landscape and an ideal escape for all who are looking for a quiet place to take a rest and regain the vital energy.

Of course the main attraction of the place is the waterfall and natural swimming pool below. It is a great place to enjoy the water bathing or swimming or if you want, you can climb the rock under the stream, sit and enjoy a water massage. If you do not want to bath you can sit only on riverside sunbathing and relaxing. On the site you also find a table with chairs for a picnic.

If you want you can climb to the top of waterfall and enjoy the view from the edge. The trail begins near the pool on right bank. The trail is steepish and slippery and sometimes is almost lost in the vegetation, so move carefully! In the area there are also other beautiful trails surrounded by lush vegetation and wildflowers. One of them leads you to the petroglyphs, traces of man in the earliest stage of prehistoric Panama, which is dated for about 5000 years ago.

The site is located within the “Tavida Private Nature Reserve” and the entrance fee is B. / 3.00 (May 2010) and can be paid at the front desk of the inn Cerro La Vieja.

Do not forget your bathing suit to enjoy the tour at all.

Como Llegar

By Car The Cerro La Vieja Cocle is located in the Cocle Province, not so far from the Penenomé city. From Panama City you have to drive about 170 kilometers (three hours). Take the Interamerican Highway and ride to Penonomé (150km). On the road you will pass throght Arraiján (17km), La Chorrera (35 km), Capira (53 km), Chame (77 km) and San Carlos (92 km). When you get to Penonome (150 km) follow straight on as far as you catch sight of a big Y-shaped intersection. There the Interamerican Highway gently turns to the left, but you have to go straight like to the city center and at the first intersection (200 m) turn right and then again right to take the road to Sonadora. Pass through the Churuquita Chiquita village as far as you reach a T-shaped intersection (163 km), here take the left road, cross the bridge over Zartí river (great place to take a bath) and follow the road through in the direction of Chiguiri Arriba, going throught Chiriguita Grande (166 km) and Caimito (168 km) as far as to find the Posada Cerro La Vieja (172 km).Here you have to pay the entrance and then continue about 5 kilometers up the same road paying attention to see a sign that says "ENTRADA A CASCADA" nailed to a tree. Take this road and in few moments you will rich a house with small parking place, if you are driving a sedan is better to leave your car here and walk. If you are riding a 4 × 4 can go up to as far as to entrance gate. The walk from the house to the waterfall Tavida takes about 20 minutes. By bus From Albrook Bus Passenger Terminal leave every time the buses to Penonomé. From Penonomé you have to take a small bus to Chiguiri Arriba and tell the driver to drop you at the entrance to the Cascada Tavida and from here have to walk to the waterfall about half an hour. From Penenome it is close, just about 30 kilometers. But I have no idea when and how often depart the small buses from Penonome.

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