Bera Quera

Bera Quera is a small indigenous community located on the banks of the Chagres river within the national park of the same name. Due to its proximity to Panama City is ideal for one day trip.

The adventure begins in the “port” The Corotu on the shore of Lake Alajuela (or Madden). Only way to reach the indigenous village is along the Chagres river in a piragua (a traditional boat) with engine. Navigation along the river is a nice experience. You can admire the crystalline waters of the river and the wild life of tropical rain forest within the Chagres National Park. It is a unique opportunity to observe different animals in their natural environment.

Como Llegar

From the Panama City take the Transístmica Highway to Colon or take Corredor Norte and choose “Las Cumbres” exit. In the city district Las Cumbres you have to find the entrance to the Cabima village. The entrance (0 Km) is on the right side just after a pedestrian bridge. (other important points are Super 99 grocery store, Mr. Precio and a Pío-Pío restaurant in a small shopping center on the right) This is the critical point of the trip, so keep your attention! After you turn off from the Transístmica road all the time follow the main road. The road will pass through the housing development Praderas San Lorenzo, then you have to drive around cement factory “Cemento Bayano” (6.5 km ). Continue straight until you reach a green and yellow one-story building (14 km) on your left. This is the Panama National Environmental Agency (ANAM) station in Chagres National Park. Here you have to pay a entrance fee ($1 per person for Panamanians, $3 for others). Exiting the station, turn left back onto the road. Follow this road to the lake and there is the port of Corotú. You can park your car at the port securely. Keep in mind that the road is not in good condition and the trip to Corotú takes about an hour. By Bus The buses do not reach the Corotu, then only way to get there is by taxi. To save some money you can get by bus to Las Cumbres and pay the taxi from here. Don´t forget to plan your homecoming.

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