Quebrada Bonita Waterfall

Do you think that there is a place where you can spend a day in nature, surrounded by thick tropical rain forest just few kilometers from Panama City? Yes you can, and this beautiful place is waterfall Quebrada Bonita which is located within the Chagres National Park. The confluence of the Chagres River and creek Quebrada Bonita is located about 4 kilometers against the current of the Chagres River from “port” El Corotu (less a port than a muddy bank with a little store that serves as a dock to embark and disembark from canoes) on the shore of the lake Alajuela (or Madden). From this spot leaving powered canoes which take you up to the creek mouth, the boat trip takes about half an hour. From the mouth of the creek, which is on the right bank of the Chagres River, you have to walk about 20 minutes to reach the waterfall. The trail follows the banks of the creek and you have to wade its current several times.

Below the waterfall there is a natural pool ideal for swimming. After refreshing bath you can sit on huge rocks and look at the freshwater fish living in the pool. Only few step above the creek passes through a small rocky canyon with the other waterfall. Beside the waterfalls this place is great for watch and learn about the life in the tropical rain forest. The forests of the Chagres create a natural biological bridge connecting North America with South America and this unique location makes the Chagres National Park an ideal destination for nature tourism and bird watchers.

Como Llegar

By Car In Panama City take the Transístmica road to Colon. In the city district Las Cumbres you have to find the entrance to the Cabin village. The entrance is on the right side just after a pedestrian bridge. This is the critical point of the trip, so keep your attention! After you turn off from the Transístmica road all the time follow the main road. The road will pass through the housing development Praderas San Lorenzo, then you have to drive around cement factory CEMEX and than there is a bridge crossing a small river, the point where you will cross the border of Chagres National Park. From the bridge left just 5 kilometers more to reach the Corotú port where you can park the car and arrange the canoe which will transport you to the waterfall. Keep in mind that the road is not in good condition and the trip to Corotú takes about an hour. By Bus The buses do not reach the Corotu, then only way to get there is by taxi. To save some money you can get by bus to Las Cumbres and pay the taxi from here. Don´t forget to plan your homecoming.

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