Waterfall El Desvío

A short distance from the village of La Laguna in the Veraguas province is located this waterfall, 35 meters tall. Best way to visit the waterfall El Desvío is to start from ANAM facility which is located in the village on the left side of the street. Here there is enough space to park the car. There is also good camping space (B. / 5.00 – May 2011) pretty flat and with soft grass and the bathrooms. All if you want, you can rent a simple but clean cottage.

The waterfall is only 400 meters from the office, you have to cross the space for tents first and after follow the path marked by a sign which says surprisingly CASCADA. Soon you will reach the river, cross it and you can hear the waterfall. The water is very cold but a hydro-massage is fantastic and retrieve the correct temperature is possible on the rocks warm by the sun.

If you want give a another short walk you can return to the office of ANAM and continue up along the road. Soon you will find a bridge over the river and here you can see the original river channel and new channel which carries the watter to the waterfall. From here comes the name El Desvío (The Deviation). If you walk a little more against the current of the river you will see a small pond where you can enjoy another bath.

Como Llegar

From the Ciudad de Panama you have to take the Interamerican Highway and pass through the towns La Chorrera, Penenomé and Aguadulce (197 Km). From Aguadulce continue straight ahead to El Jagüito (212 km) where you will leave the Interamerican Highway, turning to the right. After you will drive to the Calobre town (242 km) and from Calobre the last part of the ride to La Yeguada (262 Km). Luckily there are some signs on the road. The most difficult part is does not miss the exit in El Jagüito, which comes after El Roble (reference point - there is a crosswalk just after the entrance). The sign says "El Jagüito - Calobre." Upon reaching Calobre signs are pointing the way to La Yeguada. From the La Yeguada continue stright along the unique road as to the next village La Laguna. Here you look for the ANAM office on the left side. There you can park your car. If you want to travel by bus go to the Albrook Passenger Terminal and take a bus to Aguadulce. From there small buses depart from to La Yeguada and La Laguna. The complete path takes approximately 6 hours.

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