La Yeguada

When I for the first time spot the scenery around La Yeguada for a moment I thought that by some miracle I was transferred to Canada, at the bank of one of its lakes. But let’s start from the beginning.

Leaving the Interamerican motorway the road starts to be interesting. When you pass throw the town Calobre the road begin to climbs to the mountains on the horizon and the traveler can admire the hills in the interior of the province Veraguas. At the end of the travel you need to pass the last hill and on the instant as by a magic you will enter to the other world and the landscape changes abruptly. At first glance the landscape is more like a Canada than Panama – a huge lake with clear blue waters surrounded on all sides by pine forest and on the horizon there are the peaks of the Cordillera Central.

It is an ideal place for visitors seeking an affordable, quiet place for their vacation, you can camp, swim, hike and relax in the highlands in La Yeguada. The visitors can spend the day relaxing on the bank of the beautiful lake or swim in calm water with the temperature surprisedly pleasant. And this is not only attraction of the area. The mountains around the dam offer endless possibilities for hiking with spectacular views down to the valley. Also in the short distance there is a waterfall La Laguna. Another option to explore the area is riding a mountain bike. The terrain is not easy but the effort is worth it.

And the best thing in the end. La Yeguada is ideal for camping, you can do a fire and prepare spicy barbecue or just enjoy the unforgettable moments with your family or friends. There are two main spots where you can camp. The first option is directly on the lakeshore. This place does not have any types of services but the view at a sunset when you are swimming in the lake has its value. The secondary option is the place right front the ANAM complex in the town of La Laguna. Here they offer nice clean ground for tents and water and toilets. Also there are two mini-super in the village where you can buy the basics foods.

The Reserva Forestal La Yeguada was created in 1960 to preserve the San Juan River watershed to provide both clean and abundant water for the hydroelectric plant in La Yeguada. The people of the area, especially women, planted the area’s 7,000 hectares of Caribbean pine beginning in 1967. The forest reserve area is under the control of ANAM. There are guards at the gate to charge admission to the park. Admission is B. / 2.00 dollars per person and B. / 5.00 per tent. (March 2011)

Elevations range from 500 meters in the town of La Yeguada (pop. 2,200) to nearly 1,300 meters at the peak of the ancient volcano Cerro Verde with other word the clima is pleasant.

Como Llegar

As always it is easier go by car. You have to take the Interamerican Highway and pass through the towns La Chorrera, Penenomé and Aguadulce (197 Km). From Aguadulce continue straight ahed to El Jagüito (212 km) where you will leave the Interamerican Highway, turning to the right. After you will drive to the Calobre town (242 km) and from Calobre the last part of the ride to La Yeguada (262 Km). Luckily there are some signs on the road. The most difucult part is does not miss the exit in El Jagüito, which comes after El Roble (reference point - there is a crosswalk just after the entrance). The sign says "El Jagüito - Calobre." Upon reaching Calobre signs are pointing the way to La Yeguada. If you want to travel by bus go to the Albrook Passenger Terminal and take a bus to Aguadulce. From there small buses depart from to La Yeguada. The complete path takes approximately 6 hours.

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