Caño Quebrado

This natural monument is located only one hour and 30 minutes from the capital. Herein the river Caimito creates a beautiful waterfall height about 30 meters. When the river reaches the step its current is divided into two parts by a huge rock which is in the center of the riwer. The waterfall rocks has a shape of the giant step washed by water, which step by step fall down to the picturesque natural pool. If you want you can take a bath here.

In the place you can also enjoy open air swiming bath. The entrace is moderate 50 cents only. There are the sportground and of course the river which has the deep place for the swimmers but also the shallow one for those who just want refresh oneself in the watter. Regarding to food, sometimes the manager of the swiming bath Caño Quebrado, Mr Prudencio Sanchez offers local delicious meals and snacks prepared on the fire.

Another place where you can do justice to food is on the main road just before the bridge over the Caimito river. Here is a small sports center with swimming pool and a restaurant offering creole food, different types of sodas and cold beer.

Caño Quebrado is ideal place for everybody which is looking for natural beauty and tranquility. Caimito river has also a great diversity of animals and if you’re lucky you can see otters, turtles, shrimp and different species of freshwater fish.

Como Llegar

It is posible visit Caño Quebrado by bus. First you have to take a bus to La Chorrera. The buses to La Chorrera leave any moment from the passenger terminal Albrook. Once you will be at La Chorrera go directly to Fouillet Park, located in the city center on the main street near the supermarket REY. Here from the corner are leaving small buses to La Represa which pass through Caño Quebrado. If you prefere go by car you leave the Panama City via Las Americas bridge on the panamerican road. Continue stright ahed to La Chorrera (do not take the highway) and when you reach the city go always stright along the main street to the center as far as you see Fouillet Park on your right hand. Right here, turn right, then follow the road towards La Represa. You will drive about 800 meters and you will see small traffic signs to Mendoza and Tinajones. Simple follow this direction and drive about 45 minutes to find an old sign that tells you where waterfall is. There you have to cross a small bridge and turn right. Or you can leave your car there in the parking and walk by foot by a dirt road about 15 minutes more to reach the swiming bath. The road from La Chorrera is in the bad shape, so drive with care.

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