Fish Market

Seafood Market of Panama is the best place to lern something about the daily life of Panamanians fishermen, observe different types of seafood or buy the fresh fish at a good price. When you come close, the first you can smell the characteristic stink of seafood and after you can listen the vendor’s bids to trap their buyers. In the lot of sales points you can find different kinds of fish such as croaker, snapper, tuna and other seafood such as clams, octopus, camarosnes, lobsters and squids. It is best to walk slowly through the smelly market, listening to the shouts (“grande”, “fresco”, “entero”, “partido o fileteado”, “barrato …”) and admire the strange beauty pile of slimy sea creatures.

Seafood Market is located on Avenida Balboa in the entrance to San Felipe district. It was created by the town hall of Panama with the help of the Agency for Technical Cooperation with Japan. Its purpose is to host in a single place the vendors of marine products and so meet the sanitary standards required internationally. It is also advantageous for the buyers, because the price is always better than in the supermarket.

There is an excellent resaurant right above the seafood market. Here they served a wide range of fresh fish and seafood plates, prepared actually rigt now. This little place is one of the best kept secrets in Panama, and the food and service is excellent, as are the prices. Bon Apetit!

Como Llegar

The easiest way is to take a taxi, the drive from the center should not take more than 15 minutes. Alternatively, take a bus on Avenida Balboa or Avenida España con destiny "Calle B" and ask the driver to stop in front of "Mercado de Mariscos".

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