Río Sucio Beach

Thanks to its secluded location this Caribbean beach is totally unspoilt and only rarely you can meet somebody there. It is an ideal beach for those who love nature and tranquility to relax far away from civilization. The sand is yellow but unfortunately polluted by garbage which brings the tide. But the water is crystal clear and calm, good for swimming. The beach itself is quite extensive and if you want you can walk so far as you want. At its northern limit the corals create a natural shallow pool where you can enjoy the transparency of the water. If you have a mask for snorkeling, you can explore coral reefs and rich marine life of that place.

As I wrote above the beach is totally unspoilt and has no facilities, so do not forget to bring everything what you will need with you. E.g. food, drink, sunscreen, repellent, book, swimsuit, guitar …

Como Llegar

By car: It is about 3 hours from Panama City. Passing through the extension of the Northern Corridor then the Panama-Colon highway. When the highway finish left only few kilometers to Sabanitas city. There turn to the right and follow the road to Portobelo. Beware! The entrance has only small sign and it is easy to miss it. But there are the supermarket "REY" on the right and the branch is just behind the supermarket. From Portobelo continue by the main road straight ahead as far as you reach the 'Y' crossroad (There are Paris Tropical pizzeria open from Friday to Sunday). There turn to the right to start your journey to the town Nombre de Dios. The road is not in a good shape, but you can drive through with the standard town car. Follow this road next 45 minutes you cross the bridge over the river "Nombre de Dios" and a little later you rich the city Nobre de Dios. You can park your car in the center, close the church. By public transport: Buses leave from Terminal Albrook. Take a bus from the Panama to Colon, which offer normal and express service and leave the city by highway. You have to get out in the town Sabanitas directly opposite of the supermarket "REY". Here take the bus to Nombre de Dios (The buses also depart from Colon City). The buses pass through Portobelo at 9:00 am and after every hour until 3.00 pm, the next at 4.30 pm and the last at 5.45 pm. The return ticket to the Colon is B/.3.45, buses leave from the city Nombre de Dios from 4.00 am to 3.00 pm every hour on weekday, weekend leave at 5:00 am, 6:00 am, 8:00 am, 11.00 am, 1.00 pm and 3.00 pm. And what else? Río Sucio Beach is about 2 km from the Nombre de Dios. To reach the beach you can rent a boat in the town or you can walk. Personally I prefer walking, the trail is very nice and is only 40 minutes. The trail to the beach start from the church in Nobre de Dios. We took the road which follows the coast. When we pass the last village´s house the dirty road will change to path. A few meters away the trail will disappear and you have to continue along the beach towards the east until you reach the mouth of a small river (if is not rain). Here you have to cross the river and follow the beach a next 150 meters until on the right hand see a trail which enter into the bush. Follow the trail, cross a small bridge over the another river and enter the mangrove forest. At one point the road bends to the right and from here and left about 800 meters to reach the Playa Damas. After the second house see electric line, right here the another trail start. Follow it and within 10 minutes you rich the Playa Rio Sucio.

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