Nationality Museum

In the old town of La Villa de Los Santos, right opposite to the Park Simón Bolívar there is the Museum of Nationality. The museum was inaugurated on 10 November 1974 by General Omar Torrijos Herrera and its proposal is to exalt the heroic of the first proclamation of independence of Panama from Spain. The museum has several rooms, where you can find different themes from the history of Panama. For example, in the Room of Interference of two cultures there is ceramics exhibition of aboriginal cultures, samples of pre-Columbian art in the region, various history maps, various types of metal stirrups, original and replicas weapons from the time of Spanish conquest. The indigenous weapons are represented by the stone ax, the arrow and javelin. In the other room there is exposition of religious art. There are wood carvings, oil paintings from eighteenth century, same silver pieces of a religious nature.

Another attraction is the Council Chamber. There you can observe original furniture that was used in the first meeting of the City Council of Los Santos. At this important meeting, the representatives of the Los Santos proclaimed independence of Panama from Spain on November 10, 1821. This small place comes to life every year, because this is where the solemn session of the City Council is performed every 10 of November. In this act take part important Panamanian celebrities including the President of the Republic. Here you can also find some of the most interesting treasures like the sword of General Jose de Fabrega and original war patent signed by Simón Bolívar.

Very interesting is also space to where you can see the old kitchen. This is an area where are exhibits all kitchen tools use in this times, many of them have been disappearing. Some times is very difficult to establish its purpose, but it’s funny and the end the guide give you the correct explanation.

The museum is located in a house from eighteenth century known as the home of the Cabildo in the year 1821. During the War of a Thousand Days there was the headquarters, after a primary school, also was inhabited by Dominican priests and later residence to was residence of Villalaz family and also was used as a deposit of salt. The property is well preserved and its original parts like old carved beams, adobe walls, terracotta floors has its great historical value. Very nice is that all information is available in braille, so the blind people also can learn about Panamanian history.

Location: Calle José Vallarino La Villa de Los Santos, Los Santos province.
Open Hours: Tuesday through Saturday from 9:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.
Phone: (507) 966-8192
Entrance: (state 2009):
Adults and Tourists B/.1.00
Children B/.0.25
Retired B/.0.25

Como Llegar

The Nacionality museum is located in the historic center of the city Villa de Los Santos in the Los Santos Province. To go there prepare to drive about 4 hours, but the road is in good conditions. From Panama City take the Panamerican Highway towards the interior. On the way pass through the cities Penonome (151 km), Agua Dulce (197 km) and when reach Divisa (215 km) turn left towards Chitre (251 km). From Chitre you have to find the road to the Villa de Los Santos (256 km). When you leave the Chitre y will cross the bridge and go ahead another 1 kilometer to reach the city. Here turn to the left and ride only three block to arrive the Simon Bolivar Square. On your left hand you can observe the small historic house with the museum. To travel by the bus you can do it with visiting the Great Transport Terminal in Panama City and take a bus to Chitre. Buses are modern with air conditioning and travel time is about 4 hours. The City of Chitre in Herrera Province has a transport terminal and from here you can take a bus to the Villa de Los Santos, tell the driver the you are going to the Plaza Simon Bolivar.

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