Miguel de la Borda Beach

It is a true Caribbean beach! Clear water, many palms, wide and more than 1 kilometer long. It is located at Costa Abajo in the small, but very nice village called Miguel de la Borda. It is ideal to spend a day there swimming or just relaxing in a hammock. It´s probably you will be almost alone on this beach. The only problem is that there is some rubbish around. In the village you can get some beer or soft drinks. There is also a good place there where you can eat well and economically (rice, chicken, salad for just $3.00).

Como Llegar

It is recommended to go by car because this beach is located 60 km far from the Gatun lock. But I think to go by bus it is also possible as I saw some buses while driving there. If you travel from Panama City, before reach Colon turn left to pass through Gatun locks. The highway is not well signed, so maybe you will have some headache while driving there for the first time. Follow the signs saying Hotel Casino Malorca or Restaurant Marina Sherman. After the Gatun Locks turn left and follow the way along the Gatun lake shores. 8 km after the locks there is a cross where you have to turn right to reach Piña village. Before enter to Piña turn left and from this point just follow the way along the sea coast. You will pass through villages of Nuevo Charges, Palmas Bellas, Salud and Rio Indio.

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