Mi Jardín es Tu Jardín

Do you like colors?Do you like flowers? Then when you visit Boquete, you have to go to see this charming tourist attraction. “Mi Jardín es Tu Jardín” (My Garden is Your Garden) is a beautiful private botanical garden which surrounded the residence of the Gonzales family. It is located very near the center of Boquete, just twenty minutes by walk and it is open every day for free. Here you can find more than one hectare of tropical plants, exotic shrubs and first of all beautiful flowers of all colors. Walking along the narrow paths of the garden you can admire all the wonders of the nature and enjoy its particular beauty. And there are more streams with waterfalls, sculptures of animals with extravagant designs, a small chapel and artificial pools with gold fish. All of it together create a unique environment filled with peace, tranquility and positive energy.

From the view tower in the center of the garden the visitor can see all the facilities of place, the mountains and the nearby coffee plantations. In the garden you can find over 200 species of flowers and quantity of the plants is huge, there are working about 10 people to maintain the area. Do not miss it! And in the end I would like to thank and congratulate the owners of this place for allowing the public to see their lovely and wonderful garden.

Como Llegar

To get to Boquete from Panama City take the Interamerican Highway until you reach David (450 km), there you have to turn to the right to follow the road to Boquete (The exit is right after the supermarket REY) Once you are on the road David-Boquete, continue just straight until you reach Boquete(480km). In the city continue along the main road to the top. On the way you pass the Central Square and little bit after the church, there is a intersection like Y. Take left one to the Bajo Quiel and go one kilometer more and then you see on your right side the entrance to the "Mi Jardín es Tu Jardín". Traveling to Boquete by bus is quite easy. You just have to board a bus in the Albrook Bus Terminal, route David-Panama or Panama border. After seven hours you reach the city of David. In the bus terminal in David terminal take a bus route Boquete - David and it takes about a hour to get to downtown of Boquete, after 40 kilometers drive. From Central Square you can walk approximately 1.5 km to reach the "My Garden is Your Garden".From Central Square follows up on the main avenue, just few meter after you pass the church, you will arrive intersection like Y, take left road and walk another one kilometer.

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