Lagunas de Volcán

Only five kilometers from the Volcan city in the Chiriqui province there is this beautiful place called La Laguna. This wetland is located in the area of ancient volcanic crater and consists of three connected lakes. With its height 1,200 meters above the sea level, these lakes are the most highly situates wetland in Panama and and fifth highest elevated aquatic ecosystem of Meso America. If you want to visit this lakes we recommend you to take a appropriate clothing, the average temperature in the area is 14 º C.

The main attraction of La Laguna de Volcan is undoubtedly the nature and picturesque scenery, it is a paradise for photographers. At the horizon you can see majestic Baru Volcano with its height 3.474 meters over the sea level. Walking through the primary forest visitors can observe the abundant flora of the highlands from the bromeliads and orchids to the cedars, vines and ferns. With a little bit luck you can spot some of the animals living around the lakes as deer, rabbits, opossums, armadillos, red squirrels or agouti. Thanks to a refreshing breeze and the pleasant temperature the walking is easy and nice. Birdwatchers also will can use theirs binoculars to see the birds living in the area such as zambullidor menor, la garza bueyera, la polla sultana and others.

Another activity that can be practiced is fishing. Volcano Lagoon is a great place to fishing and you can catch fish like tilapia, carpa and lobina. As the lakes are hidden in the forest, the surface seems like a mirror. It is amazing how fast changes its color because of the time change. However, the place is great to visit and contemplate nature.

Como Llegar

To go to the Volcano city from Panama City take the Interamerican Highway up to David (450 km). From David continue on the Interamerican Highway another 24 km to reach the Concepcion city (474 km). Here turn right towards Volcan. In the turning you can see the traffic signs Volcán and Cerro Punta. From Conception follow the road until you reach the Volcano (514 km). When you reach the Volcano have to eat something in a restaurant and then ask for directions to the runway. The runway is close to town only about 3 kilometers away. The road to La Laguna starting in the center of the runway. If you have a common car you have to leave it here, if you have a 4x4 you can continue driving. But the scenery is quite nice and the distance to Las Lagunas is only two kilometers and it is worth walk and enjoying the nature. The dirt road go through a farm and turns to the right. At the end you can see a forest and this is the place where the entrance is located. When you reach the forest follow up and you can a intersection with a larg signs that say something like "Las Lagunas de Volcan humedad" or "Se Prohibe ..." right here turn left and find the first lake only few minutes by walk. According to the signs it is private property and you can not go in driving. Please respect the rights of the owner. Getting to the Volcan by bus is easy, several buses to Volcan leave from David terminal. From Volcan to La Laguna you can walk (aprx. 5 km) or take a taxi which can take you to the entrance.

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