Góngora House

It is one of the oldest houses in Panama, the only true colonial house of Casco Viejo. It was built in 1756, after the big fire in Panama City by Captain Paul Gongora of Caceres, a Spanird and engaged in the business of pearls. After his death the house became a property goes of the church. But the house was auctioned and bought by the famous investor Agustín Pérez Arias. In 1995, the house was transferred to the Municipality of Panama. Together with the whole Old Town is a World Heritage Site, according to a statement of UNESCO from 1997.

Casa Góngora is considered one of the most important of historic heritage, significant monument from the period of colonial rule. It is the only house in Casco Viejo, which retains its original architectural values. To take the tour of this historical house it is unique opportunity to see by own eyehall how the life was about in colonial times.

Original items
plank doors and windows
metal elements: hinges, nails and rivets
stone walls
floor of slabs, round stone and pebble
clay floors
wood beams and soffit

Open Hours
Monday: 8:00 to 16:00
Tuesday to Sunday: 10:00 to 18:00
Entracee is free

Como Llegar

The house is situated in district of San Felipe, on the corner of "Calle 4ta". and "Avenida Central". It is good idea join the visit of Casa Gongora with the excursion of the "Casco Viejo" and walk throught streeta by foot foot. To get to Old Town the best way is to take a bus to the "5 Mayo" square and from there walk along the "Avenida Central" to Casco Viejo. The walking distance is about 1.6 kilometers. It is also possible to take a bus which stops on "Calle 12" and get out in the midle of "Avenida Cetral" and so save some steps. Of course you can take a taxi, the trip from downtown takes less than 15 minutes.

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